Category: Cases

Vann & Others v Ocidental Companhia de Seguros S.A. [2014] EWHC 545 (QB)

acted as Leading Counsel for the Claimants in a claim in which the English High Court applied Portuguese Law by virtue of Article 4(1) of the Rome II Regulation. The Claimants were on a family holiday in Portugual when two members of the family were struck by a vehicle whilst crossing the road. The Defendant… Read more »

Noble v Owens [2011] EWHC 534 (QB)

The Defendant appealed against the award of damages, seeking an order for a retrial, on the grounds that surveillance evidence demonstrated that the judgment had been obtained by fraud. The Defendant failed to prove the allegation of fraud. The expert views were accepted that improvement was multi-factoral and it was held that the Claimant did… Read more »

Tafa v Matsim Properties Ltd [2011] EWHC 1302 (QB)

The Claimant was rendered paraplegic when he fell through a suspended ceiling whilst working as a general labourer. Issues as to whether the Defendants were aware of his presence as a worker and whether there was instructions to carry out the work in the ceiling. Judgment entered against the second Defendant, the director personally, and… Read more »

A v B [2007] EWHC 1639 (QB) Court of Appeal (Settled 2008)

Acted in a case where alleged negligence by a GP led to brain damage to a child. A retrial was ordered where the Judge applied “Bolitho” rider to the “Bolam” test without consulting parties. The retrial was settled at £1.4million.

Eyres v Atkinson Kitchens [2007] EWCA Civ 365

Acted in a case brought against a company which was in breach of the working time regulations causing the client, an employee, to fall asleep at the wheel. The client suffered paraplegia as a result. The trial was lost the first time but the appeal was successful and the client was awarded £3.7 million.

Farraj v Kings College Hospital and CSL [2008] EWHC 2468 (QB)

Acted for Jordanian clients in a wrongful birth claim. The issues included conflict of laws, Sharia law, Jordanian law, causation and wrongful birth. The case was successful on liability. Quantum was recently settled.

James Pankhurst v MIB [2009] EWHC 1117 (QB)

Acted for a cyclist who was hit on a country lane by a driver travelling round a blind bend. The client had grievous spinal injuries and was successfully awarded £6.2 million. Quantum trial following trial on liability.

Davies v Bradshaw [2008] EWHC 740 (QB)

Allegations of exaggeration were defeated in this case. Award for incomplete tetraplegia, with Brown Sequard Syndrome was £1.7 million. Award for provisional damages for Syringomyelia (appeal allowed by consent) against refusal of judge to award same.